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Robert's Rants
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A domestic rodenticide bait, with no antidote??? Kidding right??? Guess again

I must be getting old and cynical and maybe…just maybe… a bit senile.

First we hear about the PMRA re-evaluation of boric acid based insecticides, one of the back bones of our industry (but they forgot to ban the laundry detergent…DOH!).

Now the leading rodenticide supplier is launching a domestic registered rodenticide bait, in the required tamper resistant station of course, with the active ingredient bromethalin.  The last I checked it is a metabolic poison, with no antidote.

I repeat…no antidote.  We have it in our market for licensed pest control operator (you know the guys who take the exams) as Fastrack, but hey, I WON”T SELL IT!

Did I miss something in this logic?

Let’s ban a relatively small volume pesticide use by licensed applicators even though it’s sold over the counter as a detergent…but register something without an antidote and sell it direct to the homeowner.

Okay, so it’s in a tamper resistant bait station, and at a reduced rate….but is that really an acceptable justification.  How many 3 year old kids given enough time and a toy hammer can get into anything?  Or a 100 pound German Shepherd?

Why take the risk when there are other actives available?

I am really disappointed in both the PMRA and the supplier for going down this road.  It’s not good for the Industry or for the consumer.

I know the supplier’s reason:     $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    but what’s up with the ministry???