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Robert's Rants
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Bird Control…maybe this year? Now is a great time to do some next year bird exclusion.

It must nearly 4 years when I first noticed the sparrows.  Just about March one or two would be hanging around the eaves over the garage door. Then a week later hints of sticks and grass on the driveway portends the true deed these birds plan on carrying out.

A few weeks later, sure enough, the dreaded white droppings on the black tar and the missus’s Lexus.  That’s baaaaad.

Seems a pair, or two, of English sparrows have found dry, safe and cozy little hidden nook to make a nest and raise their young.  Above my garage door.

Mother nature blessing our home….not!  I don’t care for the droppings, the constant shatter (song birds?) or the damage I think they may be doing in the eaves or in the attic crawl space.

Bird lice…dead babies and blow flies?

And up to 4 times a year?

But every year in the spring I vow to fix  the holes between the soffit and eaves, and that one little corner gap the roofer failed to seal.

But when?

Now actually.  This fall the birds are done with the brooding, no harm to the young.

And I know exactly where the problem is because I have been watching them every day.

So I promise to call and get a quote and get it done.

Little heavy caulk and some Stuff It.  Done deal!

Might be some business opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and ask your regular customers if they need some bird proofing before next year.

Same goes for squirrels, keep them out of the attic while you know their secrets.

On my list…now to hold myself to it.