Robert's Rants
Robert's Rants
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Finally Spring…well we skipped that….

It took a long time coming, but we are managing to see some spring like weather, even though it’s almost summer.

Everyone is reporting a great upswing in business, but it’s only been kicking in the past couple of weeks.  And everything has come all at once.  Perimeter applications for carpenter ants, and a general insect barrier.  Wasps and bees kicking in, and maybe even an increase over last year’s pressure.

But we missed the “pseudo-swarm” (you heard that here first) of the carpenter ants in February/March, and at least one good spray in April/May.  So are you playing catchup or was it missed business?

Even seems like bed bug jobs have stabilized or even slowed a bit, or is every one learning the better ways to attack these pests?

But we did get some new products this year, and there are still 4 months of season ahead of us, so there are a few positives.

Just  remember to be safe, use the right PPE (personal protective equipment), keep your sprayers and other applicators up to snuff, and drive safely!

I hope everyone has a great summer though, both in business and personally.