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Temprid and Posting…why not?

Didn’t think you’d hear me agree to that did you?

I think it’s good because it just adds more complexity, panic and confusion.  It’s good because it points out the continued shortcomings and inability for our government to think something through.

This new “regulation” is already required in one province (bit of duplication) that has done a good job in regulating the Notification without causing undo panic.  Ask the guys in BC.

But let me catch you up.   Bayer was recently granted a registration for Temprid.  Clever name since it’s a pre-mix of Tempo and imidacloprid.  Wonder how much some marketing guru got for that?

Anyway, one of the caveats for registration…federal… was the requirement to post all treated areas indoors, on doors and entryways, common areas, and the required language on the posting is listed on the last page of the label.  It is now a legal document.

There are some problems.

The posting also requires a list of possible side effects.  And a 6 hour evacuation (might as well call it that) for all humans and pets and in-laws.

The Notice doesn’t go into any facts that 1 in 100,000 may exhibit a headache or shortness of breath…it just lists the possible side effects.

So in an apartment complex…let’s just say low income housing…you’re putting a sign on a door that is basically saying “if you have a headache it’s probably from this pesticide”.

And who’s responsibility is it to answer these 1.2 million phone calls, inquiries, poison reportings and complaints?  The pest control industry?  Bayer?

The Notice says “contact your health care professional”

Fat lotta good that does if you have to wait until May 28th.

But is Posting good in general?  It’s been in BC for several years now and a fact of life.  You just don’t need to put in language that would cause a panic.

And when the PMRA mandates it for all pesticides (wanna bet?), and the other provinces jump in, then I can’t wait to see the 4 or 5 notices plastered on every door…

Mr. Green Jean says

“But if it causes all these side effects, why are you exposing our progeny to it?”

Where doth the Money Go Ontario? A real rant!

This just p****** me off…

Funny how some things just sit in your craw and the evil bile leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Many of you know I enjoy seeing doctors, practicing medicine folks (you know the jokes) in a vain attempt to try to feel just one iota better.  One day without arthritic bones and jerking joints screwing with my pain receptors.

So on Monday the new doc, #376, says “hey, you’re really screwed up, but let’s do some tests just to see how screwed up you are.  Just for fun, ya know.”

“Well okey dokey.” Says the hick from Kansas, now a Permanent Resident of Canada…until it expires in September.

So today in the mail I get a notice from the local hospital with my appointment for an MRI.  That’s efficient!

May 28th, Sunday, 7:30 pm.

God I hope their not rushing things!!!!!!!!

Well, I can wait another 4 months.  Not going anywhere until September!

But…but…but…I’m reading the paper this morning, the Star of all great things, and the Province of Ontario is giving away $7 million dollars to communities to celebrate the provinces 150th birthday!!!!!!

Party hats and balloons!!!!

$7 million dollars.  With a creative logo showing “150” wrapped under “Ontario”.  Only costs $100,000 to the PR firm.  (My 4 year old grandson coulda done better.  Cheaper.)

$7 million dollars.

The story continues though.

So, being the investigative ranter that I am, I called my local Samsung distributor to investigate further.  Besides TV’s they also make MRI machines!  (that’s a bit scary…who’s watching who when you turn on the tube?  Another topic altogether)

It just so happens that this week only, it’s a BOGO on MRI’s due to overstock…two MRI’s for the price of one!

Only $6.8 million!

Party hats or MRI’s

The bile is rising