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The Percy Plan for Planet Salvation!

After re-reading my last post, and my 2 step solution to prevent global annihilation, I developed a simple plan to eliminate the largest contributor to global warming, CO2 emissions and pollution by eliminating the gas powered auto.  That one was simple.

But how to curb population growth?   We can’t enact a “Hand Maidens Tale”  (no I’m not watching a girly show).  Or try the Chinese method.   Maybe a lottery?

No, I’ve accepted the fact that the easiest, quickest way to reduce the population is by going to war.

Or a maybe plague!  We’d make some money with a plague of locusts now wouldn’t we!  Or is that on the label?   Check with the PMRA.

But I’m leaning towards war…

And not just a skirmish in some god forsaken place in the desert (I do feel for those people living in an inhospitable land, and centuries of fighting over nothing except whose religion is right).

I’m talking full blown nuclear disaster.

Face it, we can’t argue or agree to that….ridiculous I know.  But when the livable area of Earth starts to diminish due to climate change, pollution, over crowding and poverty something is going to snap.  And someone will push the button.

But what will really happen is the population will reach a point that more people will live in poverty, low health care standards, horrible housing and sanitation, and more crowding.  Look at the slums in Rio, or Cairo.

Rats, Roaches, Filth…sounds like places in Toronto…

Someone in some godforsaken little hut will develop a “super bug” and I’m not talking insects. And we’ll see large scale disaster.   AIDS, West Nile, SARS, Ebola, Zika…one of these will develop we can’t find a cure for.  A new strain of influenza….

And it will move across the planet swiftly.  Sounds pretty ominous.  It will be.

Better than a bomb?  Guess it depends on whose side you on.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!  I did come up with a fix for the pollution problem and global warming.

Get rid of the gas powered vehicles.  Period.   (look at what that does to the power shift in the world by cutting gasoline consumption by 90%).

The CO2 emissions are the leading cause of pollution and global warming.  Might not be true, but now it is cuz I typed it!

So why are we divesting and diverting all of our efforts to something else???  Really.  We have too many “causes”.  Pink ribbons and yellow flags and elastic wrist bands in every color of the rainbow.   Save the Rainbows even!

Face it, if the tree huggers and major communities of the world got together and implemented an “electric” only policy, it could very well happen.  Take all those tree hugger riches aimed at saving the spotted owl, the spotted ocelot, the spotted Tasmanian sparrow and the drug addict I spotted on the street, and put it to this one cause.

Simply phase it in over 10 years by issuing new tags to an increasingly higher % of electrics only.   Getting to the point to where all tags are for electric only.

So you can’t drive 1200 miles in 10 hours to see Grandma.   She doesn’t want you to bother her anyway!  She’s got bingo booked until she wins and dies.

No gasoline powered car over 10 years old would be issued a tag…voila!

Done Deal!!!!!

I’ve almost saved the Planet!

Just gotta work on that population thingy….suggestions anyone?

But I’ve got an idea….


Colony Collapse…100 years?

Being a bug man we often talk about colony collapse of certain species.   Primarily ants, but also bees, termites and Amish.

But speaking of Amish, I have been watching and reading the news coming from the likes of the WHO, Bono, the UN, WWF, WWE and WTF, plus the most intelligent man on the planet, Dr. Stephen Hawkins.

It seems a pretty well united train of thought that the Human species – on Earth anyway – will collapse in 100 years.   Wow…. 100 years.

That aint a lot of time folks.   4 or 5 generations.   My grandkids grandkid.

In essence, my 6 month old grandson, might very well live long enough to see the end of the human race.

So when we deplete our accessible “nesting colony” on Mother Earth, we will need to make winged reproductives and find another place to live…

Real simple not?  Hasn’t the government (har har) got this all planned out?

Well they do have plans, but not in the way your thinking.

We worry about pesticides ruining our food, saving the whales, the price of bread.  NAFTA and soft wood.   Children’s education, terrorists, Aunt Betty’s surprise part, your expanding waist, murderers in nursing homes.  And making more money.

Really really really….we should be thinking of 2 things and 2 things only.

  1. Reducing the population.
  2. Eliminating the carbon breathing dragons we call automobiles.

That’s it.   Plain and simple.  Quit populating and polluting.  Way too easy.

150,000 people die every day.   And in the industrial nations that’s 90% from old age.

BUT  – 400,000 new babies are born every day.  Net affect?   More and more and more.  4 new lives to replace 1.  Everyday.

Who is speaking up and saying NO MORE BABIES.  We don’t need a reduction from 400,000 to 200,000.  We need zero.  Zip, nil.   Simple

And I just had…well not me personally…my new grandson born.   So besides him I mean.   And one of our girls is expecting here, so not her of course.

But everyone else…

And c’mon people…4 cars for a four family household?  We all know the automobile is the worst polluter traveling the planet.  And has we populate the planet with more people….

What do you think causes that gray green smog to hang over the city?

To hell with big auto…the new rule should be 1 car per address, unless you run electric.   See how fast the electric car would be improved.  Might even fly!

But no one is going to do this, they would rather worry about the little things.  GMO corn flakes and neonics killing honey bees.

There’s only 2 things to worry about and fix…

Oh, maybe 3 things.

The 3rd thing you should worry about might already be sitting in the White House.

When the population reaches an insurmountable number, the politicians re-act with their only answer…

Full scale war.

It’s even good for the economy, employment and the Big 3 can make more tanks, Humvees and jeeps.

So mark this down on your calendar, but don’t worry or do anything about it.   Just make sure you have some organic free-range chicken for lunch today.

I’m just hoping the next intelligent species to inhabit the planet in 10 million years is smarter than this one.

Testing for Proper Application: PMRA swabbing the deck? Dipping the tank?

So we’re living with some new restrictions…

And I’ve used the Temprid label in the previous rant as the example.  Not to pick on Bayer.

So, only on the structure, make certain you don’t treat the ground, or allow any on the deck or patio.

When you spray the eave 40 feet up no drips, drops or dribbles allowed!

And indoors?

I can’t tell you how to define indoor perimeter vs baseboard vs C&C.   I’m confused myself. But you’ll have to be extra careful and get that interpretation.

Now comes the kicker.  A reliable source…I feel like Dan Rather or 60 Minutes…from the “agency” stated the new testing they are going to be doing this year:  samples of the spray tank to make certain your rate is accurate, and swabbing treated areas, and untreated to, see if you are in the labeled area of use.

Swabbing:  Actually going into places that have been treated and taking swabs of the floor, baseboards, walls, beds etc. to make certain there is no pesticide where it shouldn’t be.

So make certain there hasn’t been any other pesticides used by the home owner or any other PMP.   Probably for 2 – 3 years?

Soil sampling:  If the pesticide label does not allow for perimeter treatment in a “band” extending out from the building, then if found in the soil it’s off label.

So make certain they haven’t added any mulch or soil or peat moss to their flower beds before you treat.  It may be previously contaminated.

Or, simple enough, spread a drop clothe over the yard and decks and shrubs when you spray. If you’re spreading a drop clothe, might as well paint it on!

This new testing or checking up on you is all well and good…but a.) how do they implement and b.) is it realistic?

How targeted can we get, with current application equipment, time constraint, and some sense of realism?

I don’t think as targeted as they would like.

I guess we’ll find out when the first fine is levied…

Oh and the PMRA will now be publishing any fines, citations, hand slaps and generally finger pointing “no-no’s” on their website for the whole world to read.

But the only ones looking it up will be the “greens”

And your competitors.


Temprid Label…a sign of more (stupid) things to come???

Remember the good old days when you had a label that said “indoor” or “outdoor” or if you were real lucky “indoor/outdoor”.

Kiss the good old days goodbye, and as the labels get more defined and more restrictive, our job is going to be tougher and tougher, then to the point we won’t be able to kill anything.

And when the PMRA and MOE start swabbing walls, floors and taking plant and soil samples, it will be impossible.

Maybe drones with night goggles and laser weapons to kill each roach as they pop their head up from the toaster?

I’ve been reading through the new Temprid SC label from Bayer and trying to increase my knowledge on all the restrictions and new terminology.  Especially after talking to representatives of the PMRA and their new intent on testing (see my next rant).

I hope this label isn’t a precursor or sign of things to come…or both the PMP and the homeowner need to be changing their thoughts on eliminating insects.

A few here and there won’t hurt…just ask David.

But for Temprid, here’s the label from Bayer’s website…just in case you ever want to read a label.  I know we all do though.

The restrictions/statements I’m having some trouble with:

  • Indoor perimeter vs. Crack & Crevice
  • Outdoor restriction on structure only, no true “perimeter application allowed”
  • 6 hour REI for indoor applications

Point one:  Indoor Perimeter vs. C&C

This is the first label where they have separated Crack & Crevice into 2 new categories; normal old C&C (kinda) and Indoor Perimeter.

Most of us “old-timers” consider a crack and crevice as a trip around the baseboards.  There was always a crack or crevice there, where the floor and baseboard are connected.   This was done with a C&C tip sometimes, but also either a cone, flat fan or pin point nozzle.   But some of the product went on the baseboard and some on the floor.  It just couldn’t be avoided 100% of the time.

This is no longer allowed.  If a product says C&C only, you need to make sure it all goes into the crack.  They will be testing….swabbing walls and floors to make certain it stays in the crack and crevice.

What the hell’s a crevice anyway???

They now refer to the old method as “Indoor Perimeter”, where you can spray the baseboard itself.

BUT…who is defining what “perimeter” means????   Is it outside wall only?   Or can it be the perimeter of a room???   Inside the outside wall of a room inside????

HELP!!!!  I’m confused!!!!

Point two:  Outdoor Application on structure only

So this is good, you’re allowed to use the product outside….but NOT as a perimeter treatment like the “good old days”.

The label makes a firm statement that the product must be on the structure only.  Then that means don’t do your typical “perimeter” application of a band 3′ out and then up the structure wall.

No product should hit the ground, mulch or plant material.

No dripping or runoff….




Back in the good old days….

We used to tell customers allow 4 hours for the product to dry.   Why 4 hours?  Because in normal situations it dries in an hour or so, and the extra time was put in to ensure the product was dry, and any airborne particles had settled.

Bit of a safety net and built in time.

So why 6 hours?   Or did they just add some tot he standard thinking if 4 is good 6 is better?

OR….did anyone actually spray 10 different surfaces and sit there and keep touch them to see what dried when.

I’m hoping in the future they can tell how long to really leave it…

For Dupont ceramic tile, shades 10099-125544, made between 2010 and 2017, allow 4.35 hours….

Manville baseboards, style #2343, color walnut – semi-birch, allow 3.2 hours…


Wave of the future.

I don’t think we can run fast enough to make that go away BUT maybe as an industry we should sit down with the PMRA and Provinces and come up with something reasonable that won’t instill panic in every person in the building.

So there’s my thoughts.

I’m gonna go buy some Raid/Konk/Bugkill and spray my entire joint, inside and out, then call a PMP to spray Temprid, then call the PMRA to start swabbing for residues…..

But we’ll wait 6 hours.

A fun time will be had by all.








Should we capitalize on plagues and pestilence??? Why the hell not!

Okay…we don’t have to rape and burn and pillage…although I have really wanted to try that pillaging stuff.  Need a Viking hat…or a  PM’s costume.

But when there is a rightfully known concern, and you have one of the better means and knowledge base to address those concerns, then why not put that to use, and take advantage of it?


Let’s look at one little instance…Lyme Disease.

Plague…pestilence…save us!

Here’s the thing with Lyme Disease…the best way to control the further spread is through prevention.  Plain and simple.

And how do you prevent the damn thing?  Don’t get bit!!!!  Like the TV ad run over and over and over…”Just Don’t Fall”.   You know at 1:00 am and you can’t sleep.  You finally wish they would both fall.

DUH….and double Duh.

We know where Lyme disease comes from…friggin Lyme Pennsylvania!

Well I was really thinking about the deer tick.  They live and move about on…guess what…deer!  (but also mice and a bunch of other critters…like pet dogs)

So we have instances in Eastern Canada, Ontario, the Rockies….people contracting Lyme’s…means someone is getting bit!

So kill the little buggers before they bite!

But I’m surprised more of this isn’t taking place, being promoted, and creating the interest.  Not so much as an opportunistic sale, but really trying to ease some minds by eliminating or minimizing a serious problem.

Look at Toronto…the GTA…Golden Horse…something.

You have all these nice cricks and rivers running through these nice tree covered valleys and ravines down to Lake Ontario.  The Rouge, The Humber, Mimico, Etobicke, The Credit.

And backing on to all these creeks (properly spelt) are the nicest properties with the nicest views.   Woods and trees and little rabies-infected animals and deer.

And guess what…ticks!

So similar to polio, you would much rather prevent it through vaccination…treatment… than to contract it.

No you can’t “guarantee” contraction of Lyme, especially when they go to the cottage or the ball game, but you can help eliminate some of the problem.

Reduce risk.

And with today’s newer and scientifically advanced and improved products, the benefit far outweighs any risk.

Is this capitalizing on a plague?

I always ask my self the same questions…Is it safe for my grandchildren?  And would I use it in my own backyard?

You damn right I would.