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A HEADS UP….Marijuana and Greenhouse treatments

I have had hundreds, well 6 so far, of Pest Control dudes asking about this marijuana business and if there is an opportunity there for pest control.


BUT if you live in Ontario, where the seem to be Production Facilities popping up everywhere, and they’re all stoned in the liberal party, you need to have a GREENHOUSE license.

That includes outside the structure, the walkways and the whole shebang.

If you only have your STRUCTURAL –  you cannot treat inside or outside.

Treating on plants is an entirely different matter.  I would stay away from that entirely.  Although the PMRA has issued a letter on the approved organic products, there are a lot of other things that could go wrong.  If the plants are infested with spider mites, treated legally, and 2 weeks later have damping off disease or something, you don’t want the finger pointed at you.

If you are going to go into the greenhouse market:

1.)  Get you Greenhouse Pesticide license

2.)  Get a rapid education on horticulture, and every thing that could go wrong.

But check with your licensing folks for your province.

If one plant produces 100 grams, and at the targeted price of $8.00 per gram, you’re looking at $800 a plant!

But I’m just guessing, ahem.



Another Stupendous and Novel Idea

So who trains the trainer?

Or better put, who inspects the inspector?

I never thought about it before, but some one must surely train the inspectors.  All about structural pest control perhaps?

Maybe even some OTJ, hands on, kill some bugs type of training,

Sooo…suspecting that training may not exist to the levels I would like, my novel idea is those folks that regulate our business, and maybe even those that supply our business, should have the same base knowledge that we as licensed Vendors, Applicators, Operators or Dispensers must possess.

Do they???  Someone should ask.

I would certainly appreciate knowing the person who’s inspecting my records and warehouses and vehicles had passed the same Exam as I did.  And it’s not just federal, but the same should apply to MOE’s, Insurance Agents and other provincial bodies that regulate the use of pesticides for structural use.

And not just chemicals.  No no mon cheri.  You want to be in the business then you better learn insect identification.  At least the top 20 – 30 and some species variations.

Add in all the information you should have on how to dilute and properly apply these products.  The few options available to match the few products we have.   Then you better learn rats and rodenticides just to complicate things.  The list keeps going and going.

Maybe if you want to help regulate the Industry you should come from the Industry?   Why not?

Add that to the qualifications:  must have 5 years on the job experience.

I for know there must even be folks my age (ahem) that would love a job in the government, helping regulate the Industry that we have all come to love.

Novel novel novel…



Pest Control 101 A quick lesson for those regulating the Industry

I’m going to skip with the lesson and go straight to the quiz.

Multiple choice, so even our friends in Ottawa (sorry I forgot I don’t have friends there) can pass it.

And only 2 questions!

Question 1.)

You have been asked to do a preventative treatment of a home backing on to the Rouge River.   Last year they had a terrible time with carpenter ants, mosquitoes (unknown species), ticks (unknown species), ladybugs, and something black and red.

You decide to use which product?

A. Demand – pyrethroid

B. Prelude  pyrethroid

C. Temprid  pyrethroid

D. Dragnet pyrethroid

E. Baygon  carbamate

F. Malathion    OP

ANSWER:    There is NO correct answer.

DEDUCT    10 point for every product you circled.

ADD 200 points if you know what an OP is!

Question 2.)

Which of the following is more typical of your average calls made throughout the day:   (tick the correct pictures)

See the source imageImage result for model homeLiving Room

See the source imageSee the source image



Everyone knows that Canadians are well kept, clean and happy lot.  What else do you do for 5 months out of the year but sit in the house and clean?

You better have ticked the right side!!!

More questions once I come back from the liquor store!