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Robert's Rants
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Hijacking the SPMAO meeting. How tacky can you get

Attended the first day of the SPMAO annual convention in Toronto, and to tell you the truth they need to figure out a way to push attendance.  Especially since there are so many companies in Ontario that could use training, but that’s really not the true story here.   I will address the lack of CEU’s and proper training, or lack thereof, in Ontario in another rant.

But anyway…

The Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario has a similar meeting to the other Provinces, just turn out could be better, and has been steadily declining.

But in some supplier and distributor’s (I won’t name names) pointy little brains it was a good opportunity to hijack the attendees and have them come to a private meeting at the same time the general session was going on.   And not just once, but twice on day one and twice on day two.

How desperate can you get, to hold your own meeting to demo a new product during the Association meeting.  Their side meeting was on at the same time the speakers that were hired and brought up from the States were talking.  But to less of an audience while attending companies ran off to the “suite” for the big demo.

Neither company had sponsored anything besides having a booth, and for these two companies to pull something like this is really insulting to the Association.  Especially for Bell Labs and Univar, both who profess to support the Industry.  Whoops.

The Association leaders were more than upset, but will they take any action?

So the 2 companies got greedy and decided to do their own thing.  Take advantage of a good situation.  Doesn’t seem very supportive does it?

Personally they should be banned from exhibiting in the future, but will the Association be that bold?  Or are they greedy themselves and not do anything?  They need the money after all.

Really bad form folks.


PMRA Tank Inspections: Zero Tolerance

If your not aware or haven’t had the good fortune of a visit, the Regional PMRA enforcement officers are doing on-site inspections at each PCO place of business.

This isn’t really a bad thing, hell we get inspected by 5 or 6 different gun-toting, ticket writing folk all the time.  Keeps everyone on our toes and doing things properly.

The inspections involve different aspects of your business: record keeping, product usage, product storage etc.

One aspect of the inspection is swabbing the tanks to see if the proper rate of product is being mixed and applied.  I’ve seen reports where the swab showed 12 ppm of Demand, 14 ppm of Dragnet and a little bit of something that shouldn’t have been in there.


I’ve also seen reports where the PCO had 60% of the label rate of the product in the tank.

Oops!     There’s no getting around that, blame who you want or what factors are involved, it ain’t gonna fly.

When they swab a tank, say full of Demand CS, and they find 0.029%, you are actually in violation of the law and the label rate.

And there is Zero Tolerance for not being spot on.  Using too much, you know an extra glug, is worse than being under.

You’ll probably get a compliance order on how you will remedy.  Simple, come up with a plan and train.  And that’s not overly reactive on the PMRA’s part.

The Zero Tolerance bugs me a bit though, and I personally believe they should have a +/- 2% in the equation.

Unless you’re mixing all your chemicals in a lab, you may find it difficult to meet the exact number every time.    Kinda why scientist use several replications when doing any experiment.




Happy New Year: The Year of the Golden Rat!

Happy New Year, and welcome back!   Well, you didn’t go anywhere, I just took a break from bashing people.

If any Industry should prosper in the Year of the Golden Rat, it should be Professional Pest Control.  I don’t know why it’s a Golden Rat Year, so a free jug of Demand to the first reader who can email me back with a logical answer.

I decided to revive Robert’s Rants as there is a lot going on with the Industry, and plenty to rant about.  So we coincided the revival with the launch of the new and improved

So be prepared to be bombarded with typical discourse concerning the PMRA, the PCP Act, your local MOE, treehuggers, the associations, the suppliers, homeowners and even some of the characters calling themselves PCO’s.

But it’s a new year, hopefully a milder winter ahead, and plenty of those big golden rats to go around!