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Robert's Rants
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While we’re discussing Acronyms

Here’s another acronym you may find scattered throughout in future Rants, if I can continue to find things to Rant about.  (that’s an good one!  Should stop while I’m ahead).



I tried to find the combo that sounds the snappiest.

Orkin/Abell/Rentokil.   I suppose OAR is apropos as it also captures their ranking in market share in order.

In all honesty I think there’s a company or two that may be larger in revenue than Steritech/Rentokil, but not national in scope.  You’ll note I dropped the “Steritech” name as it really screwed up the acronym.   S/R is really a lousy letter combo.

So that’s the top 3 in the country, and will be important to know as they have a major effect on the industry overall and set the bar for everyone else.  Ehhh, you think, they don’t impact me.   Like hell.

Burn that into your brain…OAR.

The top 3 in the PCO Industry.   Regulated by the PMRA, the MOE, the MOECC (WTF?) the TDG and the BBC.

As a side note:  You gotta like the move to MOECC.  Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.   So while Doug Ford, in his bad imitation of Trump, is easing all the regulations for manufacturing and production, they make a clever move of adding “Climate Change” to the end of Ministry of Environment.

So spend all the money to change the name, and everyone will think that’s our focus.  Besides we wrote a paper and press release stating so.

Were not that stupid.   Or are we?

“So what’s that big fire and all the smoke off to the south Dad?”

“Don’t worry son, it’s just Hamilton.”

PMP or PCO? How ’bout PCC.

Since this is my little rant on the world, guess I’m the ultimate judge, but here’s the point:

Your customer has bed bugs or roaches or whatever the hell is bugging his wife, has exhausted all means of DIY cure-alls from the box store, and is tired of getting bit or stung or nagged at.

Hi wife yells “for godsakes Henry, call an exterminator!”    That’s if they are over 80.

A younger wife might yell “honey, let’s give up and and call a pest control company.  I’ll pay.”

Never in my 40 years have I heard “who’s a good Pest Management Professional?” from a homeowner.


So where does PMP come from except an internal industry move to make us all sound better educated and trained than we really are?  Exactly, something to make us feel…Professional?

So eliminate PMP, and the best answer is PCC -the name your customer uses.


I’m gonna acquiesce (always wanted to use that) and go with PCO.

At least it’s close, and has been in use for 60 years.

Pest Control Operator.

Besides, who pays the bills?  Customers can call you whatever they want, as long as they call!

Ministry of Intimidation: No license? Bang!!!

Although I’ve never done anything wrong, being a saint and all, I still get slightly intimidated by the presence of police in uniform that are armed.  And yes, I was referring to the criminal sense in being “wrong”.  I’m seriously wondering if I was wrong to get our French bulldog, who at this moment, is removing yet another baseboard.

But, I know the police are our friends, and should be approachable, like most people, except when in uniform they are actually working.

But, I have to wonder why several (not all) but some, of the Ministries use uniformed & armed inspectors when making a routine inspection?  And obviously not just in our industry, but everything that falls under their bailiwick.

Is it really necessary? They may be enforcement folks, as they are enforcing one of the acts & regs and making sure we all comply, but why the police outfits?

Have you ever heard of a shoot-out at a weigh station or when they want to check your freight records?

I’m just curious when or how this got started?  Another mystery of the ages.

It could be me, but maybe suits and hidden shoulder holsters would be cooler looking, and then they can still shoot us.  More like Will Smith and the old guy in Men in Black.