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Robert's Rants
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5 New Products this Year! Is someone working in PMRA?

You read it here first, there is someone actually working at the PMRA and approving new products!

Maybe the cleaning staff stole a rubber stamp and is having some fun?  Or they finally figured the best way to get something off their desk is to approve it?

No matter the reason, it’s a welcome breath of fresh non-Covid air for the Industry.

What products say you?

Let’s see

Scorpio granular, Scorpio single bait stations, Seclira Aerosol, Seclira Roach bait and a spore of a fungus even that wipes out bed bugs!

Aprehend.  And no that’s not a spelling mistake.

The last one is a neat product, well face it, they are all neat products.

And kudos to whoever is approving these, only 3 years behind the States, thanks so much from a grateful Industry.

Now if we can get fipronil….