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Robert's Rants
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Fly Light Registration: nothing new

This isn’t the first the PMRA has expressed an interest in registering fly lights, or FILTS or whatever you call them.

They did publish an initial intent, for commentary, way back in 2018.  Which is well and good, but our industry as a whole hasn’t done much to put up a fight.

I think I wrote a rant then, about the yanks to our south being astounded by the news that our government regulates and restricts anything and everything.

Bottom line with this move?  We will lose a lot of products, at one time considered “safer than pesticide” options.

Let’s not discuss 25b registrations for spearmint oil, thyme oil, and garlic oil.  Well, guess they bent on the garlic a little.  Another rant.

My concern is where does it end?  The definition of “kills, controls, repels would then include my pointy toed cowboy boots.  I’m a Kansan remember.


Regulating Fly Lights: Isn’t this contradictory of the PCP Act?

Here’s the gist of the issue:  PMRA wants to increase revenue, or lose people.  Since  they’ve eliminated more pesticides and/or uses than they have registered, their responsibility is shrinking. Less to keep busy hands and minds…never mind.

By expanding their scope, outside their remit under the Act, and requiring registration or certification or just requesting data, on everything that says “pest control” they can increase their revenue.

Voila!  No, not Sobey’s, just voila.

Here is the link to the PCP Act:

Read down a bit to find:

for example by facilitating access to pest control products that pose lower risks, and encouraging the development and use of alternative, non-toxic, ecological pest control approaches, strategies and products.

So here’s the reality.  There are 3 major FILT players in Canada. BTW that stands for Flying Insect Light Trap.  Plus a couple wannabes like Catchmaster and Pelsis.

We bring in numerous lights from the 3 companies, all major, respected, global businesses.  Zappers, glue, sconces, 2 sided, 1 bulb, 8 bulbs, 2’ long, 8’ long. Well you get the idea.

Pestwest, Gilbert and Brandenburg

About 53 different products, each with a different design for a different need. And some competition.

Now when Pestwest, Gilbert and Brandenburg are told they need to register each light, and provide data showing each and every insect they work on, and then PAY a small (ahem) fee, what happens to that  number above?  The 53 lights dummy?

All 3 will say, “hmmm, the whole market up there is $ X and this will eat my profit and time, so guess what Canada!”

We’ll end up with 2 suppliers, 5 lights, and all just registered for house flies.

So how is that in keeping with the Act, when you are discouraging safer, non-pesticidal products?

am I missing it again?

How does that encourage development of safer products?  Even safer pesticide products?

It doesn’t.

Doomsday thinking 🤔  You read it here first.

it’s just Robert ranting away



“Robert, if you can do better…”

Hey, just a point of clarification to my 3 loyal readers.

This is Robert’s Rants!

Not Robert’s Kudos!

Not Percy’s Praises!

It’s nothing more than me griping (bitchin’) about anything I want.

Just trying to point out ignorance, or in the the case of our government, people getting paid to do nothing more than make our lives miserable. And not care.

Food for thought? Nah, just a reminder how much the government is not an Industry supporter.

And your paying for it!

Percy’s Praises. Even I laughed at that, and I quit laughing years ago.

SPMAO, CPMA, NPMA…what are you doing?

I put SPMAO first as a request from a friend 😁

But where are you guys in stopping this utterly ridiculous move on the PMRA’s part to start registering mechanical devices for insect control?

Are you calling on all members, supplies, allied industries, and your higher power to make the PMRA come to their senses?

You know once they force a registration on fly lights it’s the tip of the iceberg.  Think of the hundreds of snaps and glueboards and mattress encasements and fly swatters they can suck money out of.

Think of the hundreds of products…options…we will lose because who cares about Canada? Register a Tincat?  You’re out of you’re mind.

So where are the mighty associations in stopping this?   We’ll see, but I’m guessing they’re in the same place they were protecting our pyrethroids…

Hello people!

Of course I got vaccinated…with the “preferred” product

No it wasn’t Jack Daniels, Molson or Swiss Chalet sauce.

just the plain old Pfizer mRNA, not the mutating melon-sized clot causing other crap.

But Justin said, and we believed, that all vaccines are great.  Just roll up your sleeve and shut up. And so did the NACI, this unknown entity managing our measles programs.  Pediatric pandemic potentates.

Except now, there’s a “preferred” vaccine, but if you can’t get it take the what?  Un-preferred?

Wait, what?

Every week a change in stories (read “lies) to appease no one.

Like my metronome on the keyboards, back and forth, TikTok.

Wonder where our faith in government went?   Or are you happy to see Canada no better off than other third world countries?

Our faith in elected officials went right out the window.

12 months of doing what we’re told, while our officials, all of them, failed the country miserably.

some things never change, unless the sheep get mad about bad medicine.

Bad science.