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Robert's Rants
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2024 winter: The swarmers come early.

February 10th, this constantly cold Kansan is standing next to the lake an hour north of Toronto trout fishing.

Not ice fishing as you’d imagine, but using a 9’ fly rod and cast a leech patterned fly into open water around the dam.

Second day of record temps, 12 degrees and sunny!

And the second week we’ve had calls about “flying ants”

February. No snow, record temps, a bit of sun and out they come, those few colonies that confuse an early sign of the Spring to come with the real thing and get a jump on colony expansion.

As we all know, or should, colonies will produce more queen and winged reproductives often called swarmers as the colony comes under pressure. Often after winter when food supplies and stores dwindle due to the lack of foraging.

It happens every year, right around the first week of ….March. Not the first week of February. Calls on carpenter and citronella ants.

Attribute this and the lack of snow to globally warming…might as well.

What’s this mean to the Industry?

Beats the hell out of me. Every time I predict a banner year it rains until August.

So this year I won’t, so maybe it will be. Keep those sprayers tuned!