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Robert's Rants
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Another NPMA convention over….

I just got back from Boston where we attend the NPMA national convention, nice city supposedly if you get out of the convention center and hotel and meetings.  Will have to go back.  We did have a very nice dinner at the Harvard Club, and I am not saying that to boast, but simply because I was in awe of the people who have been through those walls and doors.  Portraits of great Americans such as John F. Kennedy and Olivia Wendell Holmes along with numerous others graced the walls.

Could not help but feel a sense of being overwhelmed by those great Americans,  the US history and the role Harvard has played.

Several Canadian companies and customers attended, was happy to see some old acquaintances.

The convention and exhibits had the usual cast of suppliers and vendors (hate that word for some reason) but didn’t really get a good feel for anything new and exciting for the Canadian market.  And even not a great deal coming for the US from what I could see.

Some of the new chemicals  were actually pre-mix or formulation changes, a few new bed bug gadgets, heat treatments and mattress casements, but nothing I would jump up and down over.

The exhibit hall was a bit funky being split down the middle with a concrete divider, kind of made the whole affair seem smaller or disorganized?  Might just be me…

Wish I had something great to launch for the market, no such luck.

I will say there was an added on “Business Management Institute” where you could enroll for a 10 hour marketing class taught by a Harvard professor, think it costs $100???  Only made the first day but worth every penny.

Hope this is a permanent fixture or expanded on with 2 different short course types.

I will scour the bushes for something new and exciting though…watch this space!