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Robert's Rants
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Another One bites the Dust: Permadust that is

Just received word BASF will cancel Permadust production for Canada come end of 2012.  Hate to see another product fall by the wayside, but the market didn’t support it as much as required to keep it on the BASF range.

Since the aquisiton of Whitmire we have lost Avert roach bait stations and gel, plus Avert piston cans.

Problem is simple really.  The entire Canadian pest control market doesn’t even add up 1% of the products sold to the state of California, so when a giant company looks at what products to support, and where to invest, we don’t make the hurdle rate or the return on investment required.

That’s why I hate to see smaller companies bought up.  A small niche product may not mean diddly to a huge bazillion dollar chemical giant, where as it could be a nice add on for a smaller corporation. 

But let’s hope some of their new chemistry will come to the market sooner than later.

Really too bad, but it’s all about the money folks.