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Bancouver smarter than Ottawa?

So I’m certain by now you’ve all heard the news about the big neonic cancellation in the westerly coast city of Bancouver.   Just that one little city, where if you step across the street into Burnaby or West Van or Surrey or wherever you can use neonics to your heart’s content.

C’mon, I thought that was clever!  Bancouver.

But since the neonics are destroying the entire beneficial insect population on their side of the street the City Council or whatever they have there BANNED all neonics.

So Gardex, as upright citizens, sent an email out to all BC customers advising  they could not use a certain company’s (who will remain nameless, but it rhymes with Mayor or Layer) cockroach bait insecticide, since one of the actives contains a neonic.

Can anyone tell me the last time they had a major honeybee kill by putting out a cockroach bait, available only in a 30 gram tube?  I’m assuming there are about 10,000,000 cockroach jobs a year, and I have heard of maybe… ZERO… honeybee kills.  In 40 years.

Are there huge colonies of BEES and POLLINATORS residing under the sinks and toilets and pantries of your average Bancouverite?

Maybe there’s a new source of income we didn’t know about.

But it really makes you wonder where the scientific center of excellence is when it comes to pesticides, and why the government doesn’t step in when conflicting rules and regulations are imposed by local jurisdictions?   Like this one.

‘Course this is a dead horse, when it started years ago on the east coast with lawn care and raises it’s ugly head in some little city every so often.

But it’s still stupid.  Just plain and simple.

It’s like the new cannabis laws, where Richmond Hill is protecting it’s citizens by banning pot shops, although you can walk across the street to Vaughan and get all the green goodness you want.

But thank god the honey bees under the sink are saved.