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Robert's Rants
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Okay, here’s the contest and it’s easy peasy as my Granddaughter says:

The first person to accurately count the number of times “Toxic to Bees” appears on the NEW DRAGNET LABEL wins!

Use the label on the PMRA label search, dated last August.

Simply email me with your guess…I mean count…to

I’ll give you a hint, it’s a hell of a lot more than needed.  Remember, your government considers us all to be ignorant.  I hope FMC didn’t volunteer the information.  More on that in the next rant!

Available to licensed Pest Control Operators working and living somewhere in Canada.  Except where void by law or in Quebec or somewhere else difficult about having contests.  Must be a Dragnet user that wants to switch off a 30 year old product to try something new, like a 16 year old product, Demand CS!

I was going to give Temprid but it’s too expensive!

I’m anxiously waiting to announce the big winner.