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BORIC ACID…Another lost product???? For Shame

If you take a few minutes to surf around the PMRA website, you might be lucky enough to stumble across the document (in English and French of course) concerning the Proposed Re-evaluation Decision PRVD2012-03 on boric acid and its Salts.

I have provided the link below:

I will have the pdf docs ready here for you in a bit….

Seems one of the better products we have in Canada is now on the hit list, which is very worrisome to this writer.  One of the few compounds approved for organic uses, available in a multitude of formats, and normally deemed “safe” as a pesticide is going by the wayside.  At least some of the current uses.

I have not had time to totally digest the re-evaluation but will endeavor to do so and summarize to the best of my ability. (Which isn’t saying much).

Getting scary….but read it yourself and then decide if this is something you want to get involved in (the only answer is yes) and speak your mind on this compound.