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Robert's Rants
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Can I control insects without pesticides? You betcha!

Well, with a couple of caveats:

  • Time is irrelevant , it may take 3 life cycles or say 4-6 months.
  • How much do I charge? How much do you have? 😉
  • And Health Canada reclassifies what actually constitutes a pesticide, and adopt a system where “Generally Regarded As Safe” products are outside this new definition of ”pesticide”

Naturally derived products are becoming more and more abundant, requiring no chemical reaction. But there are obstacles and costs to register for such a small return. And we can never use the word safe when talking about pesticides.

I know what you’re thinking, they don’t work.

True, not as fast and not 99% effective. That’s a given. But with products like Aprehend, DE, Pyganic (the only true pyrethum in the market), boric acid, glue boards, monitors, baits and traps, I can get the job done. Might even use some spearmint and thyme developed by Purdue, d-limonene and our favorite garlic oil.

Let’s no forget caulk. Which reminds me of my favorite Home Repo joke with the punchline “Can I get a Heimlich in the caulk isle!” Well, maybe thats not apropos…

Oh, I left off one other small caveat:

The place is cleaned top to bottom. Let’s just think pharmaceutical lab clean and go from there.

See easy, the bill is in the kitchen.