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Canada to ban Asbestos. Did I miss something?

A short break on my ranting on government waste…


So the news…CTV even…has been reporting the final banning of the use of asbestos in Canada.

Final.  That’s it!  No more!  I mean it this time…

How many of you, like myself, had thought this was already done?  C’mon…don’t lie to me.  We all thought asbestos was banned years ago.

We all thought that asbestos, known to be one of the worst products going, would have been banned for use in Canada.

Asbestos just now banned???  You’re joking right?

We just spent $150,000 reviewing the safety of boric acid based products, used in the pesticide market only (not laundry, cosmetics, or consumer goods) and they just now ban asbestos.

Really.  Asbestos.

What else is still lurking out there?