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Robert's Rants
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Colony Collapse…100 years?

Being a bug man we often talk about colony collapse of certain species.   Primarily ants, but also bees, termites and Amish.

But speaking of Amish, I have been watching and reading the news coming from the likes of the WHO, Bono, the UN, WWF, WWE and WTF, plus the most intelligent man on the planet, Dr. Stephen Hawkins.

It seems a pretty well united train of thought that the Human species – on Earth anyway – will collapse in 100 years.   Wow…. 100 years.

That aint a lot of time folks.   4 or 5 generations.   My grandkids grandkid.

In essence, my 6 month old grandson, might very well live long enough to see the end of the human race.

So when we deplete our accessible “nesting colony” on Mother Earth, we will need to make winged reproductives and find another place to live…

Real simple not?  Hasn’t the government (har har) got this all planned out?

Well they do have plans, but not in the way your thinking.

We worry about pesticides ruining our food, saving the whales, the price of bread.  NAFTA and soft wood.   Children’s education, terrorists, Aunt Betty’s surprise part, your expanding waist, murderers in nursing homes.  And making more money.

Really really really….we should be thinking of 2 things and 2 things only.

  1. Reducing the population.
  2. Eliminating the carbon breathing dragons we call automobiles.

That’s it.   Plain and simple.  Quit populating and polluting.  Way too easy.

150,000 people die every day.   And in the industrial nations that’s 90% from old age.

BUT  – 400,000 new babies are born every day.  Net affect?   More and more and more.  4 new lives to replace 1.  Everyday.

Who is speaking up and saying NO MORE BABIES.  We don’t need a reduction from 400,000 to 200,000.  We need zero.  Zip, nil.   Simple

And I just had…well not me personally…my new grandson born.   So besides him I mean.   And one of our girls is expecting here, so not her of course.

But everyone else…

And c’mon people…4 cars for a four family household?  We all know the automobile is the worst polluter traveling the planet.  And has we populate the planet with more people….

What do you think causes that gray green smog to hang over the city?

To hell with big auto…the new rule should be 1 car per address, unless you run electric.   See how fast the electric car would be improved.  Might even fly!

But no one is going to do this, they would rather worry about the little things.  GMO corn flakes and neonics killing honey bees.

There’s only 2 things to worry about and fix…

Oh, maybe 3 things.

The 3rd thing you should worry about might already be sitting in the White House.

When the population reaches an insurmountable number, the politicians re-act with their only answer…

Full scale war.

It’s even good for the economy, employment and the Big 3 can make more tanks, Humvees and jeeps.

So mark this down on your calendar, but don’t worry or do anything about it.   Just make sure you have some organic free-range chicken for lunch today.

I’m just hoping the next intelligent species to inhabit the planet in 10 million years is smarter than this one.