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Robert's Rants
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COVID 19: The Insects Don’t Care

Surprised I have written after being semi-isolated for the past 5 weeks.

I say “semi” as there’s still doctors, drugs and digestables, and I am the designated shopper.  We do share those duties a bit, but with checking in at work and running my other errands it’s just as easy to stop somewhere.

Plus I have the appropriate mask, gloves and disinfectants with me.  Be prepared!

Has this Covid-19 affected our Industry much?  To some extent yes, as many restaurant owner, not al, are cancelling this months service, and homeowners don’t want another person in the house or apartment.

But as the subject states the insects won’t wait, and when they pop in the next week or two we need to take advantage of the situation.

I’ve talked to numerous companies that are starting to gear up with the first perimeter applications, as carpenter ants start stirring, cluster flies and other overwintering pests move outdoors, owners will be reminded of the problems occurring last year.

This is a critical spray, and could be a major means of offsetting some lost revenue.

If you remember the last 3 years we have essentially missed a spray opportunity each spring.  The weather was cold and wet until the end of June, and many folks couldn’t get the first perimeter app in.

Hopefully this year will continue to open up early with heavy insect pressure and we get the extra spray in.   For those that rely on two applications outdoors but could only get one in the past few years, we actually have an opportunity for growth.

An early spring application could be the revenue stream to stay ahead of the wolves!