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Robert's Rants
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Create the NA EPAPRMA…and save taxpayers millions. Another novel idea..duh.

Here we sit in Toronto looking at buying some product from some US suppliers, and thinking:

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the same product, in the same bottle, with the same label, could be sold in both countries?”

At the same price even?

“Let me try some TALSTAR G.”    Sorry –  no registration.

And not enough market to sustain the investment in creating 2 different versions of the exact same thing.  So who always loses?  The small market in Canada.

We just don’t matter.  Get over it.

But must be some special, magic product.  So special it requires a completely different label, Government registration number, directions in French, English, Spanish, Urdu and Tagalog.

There have been millions spent in the US on making certain this product is safe.

And millions spent in Canada making certain the product isn’t safe.

WAIT….Did something jump right out at you and bite you in the nose.  Something like another gross waste of taxpayer dollars.

Which country makes a better attempt to safeguard their citizens?  The EPA versus the PMRA?

Does one do a better job of protecting their 36 million citizens than the one with 360 million citizens (not to mention the illegals The Don keeps ranting about). Is the EPA registering products nilly willy with no regard to safety.  Or the PMRA being so restrictive they rather see the bugs safe while we die of Lyme disease…

But Is the PMRA not registering products based on their more exacting science and protocols?  They must be smarter….

Then which country has the safer policies?  One must be better than the other.  As a citizen I have a right to know!!!!

I suggest we have a campaign, a vote, and let the citizens of the 2 countries decide.

WE NEED A PMRA/EPA debate!  Let them fight it out as to who does the better job, and may the best country governmental body win.  Then put together a uniform body, maybe the best minds of both, and create a single body to make these decisions.

If not a Debate…then at least a hockey match….or football game (the real American one)

BUTBUTBUT…we do have the NAFTA dual labeling/submission/review program in place, and so far we’ve registered so many products with this dual review I can’t keep track…..

Well….it’s hard to remember zero.  None.  Zip. Nada. Nil.

And for once I agree with Trump and we can leave Mexico out of this.  They belong in Central America’s drug cartel, not the real NA.

Maybe Canada and the US can finally start looking at creating the SUPER NATION and to hell with borders.

We would all be happy….Manufacturer can label and make one product, Citizens of each country would enjoy the benefits of their north or south counterparts.

And we could make the world a better place…and safer…at the same time.


Look for my future on how to create a Euro dollar for North America.   We can call it the Doonie or the Lollar or …..

Send in your suggestions for naming the North American (no Mexico remember) Dollar!

The best one chosen will be published in my next rant….and win a free Gardex multi-lingual, multi-national writing instrument!!!!!