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Demand CS. You need to take action!

If you’ve read through my last rant (okay I deleted the last one) PMRA is planning on eliminating one of the best tools we’ve had in this industry for quite some time…Demand CS.

“Potential of risks of concern”

What kind of political mumbo jumbo BS is that?  ANYTHING has a potential of risk of concern!!!

“Don’t run with scissors”!

NO – just eliminate scissors!

“Stick a needle in your eye”

NO – ban sewing for gosh sakes!   Gosh?  I’m getting too nice.

This is based on bad data or misuse of data.

The PMRA believes you do 4 treatments per year in every house in Canada and for every year in existence!

We would love that!!!!

And besides the 4 treatments per year, they are using application methods that are not on the label.


Nearly all of the data cited comes from the USEPA or the USDA.

Out of 72 some studies, only 28 have been conducted AFTER they registered the product in 2004.  And of all the new data the only ones dealing with toxicity were done for a tox package for registration.  Dermal and oral, and one on a lymph node.

But none of these showed any results that would call for elimination of the product.

The USEPA has Demand (lambda-cyhalothrin) listed as a Group D carcinogen.  There is no data to support the classification as a carcinogen, nor enough to classify it as not being a carcinogen.

But with the removal of the product we are back to using a Group C carcinogen…permethrin.  This group is classified as “likely to cause cancer in humans”

So we lose a great product in favor of two that have a worse tox profile and a greater risk of being carcinogenic???

What the hell is the problem here?

YOU NEED TO COMMENT – email, write, call

They’ve lost complete control of their senses.