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Robert's Rants
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Dose makes the Poison?

I was dealing with a customer the other day…well actually helping a customer deal with one of their customers…you know…tenant, super, property manager, pest control company.   You’re typical goat…can’t say that…you’re typical discussion on the safety of pesticides.  Their word “poison”.

And it reminded me just how ignorant the majority of the world is around pesticides.

I was making the comparison of some of the various day to day products they might find in their house that are more toxic than many of the newer pesticides.  Aspirin.

If used according to label…always throw that in.  A federally approved registration that if followed has been deemed to be within the acceptable definition of safe.

But they ask questions that are so far out there about the “poison” …meaning pesticide… it would make your head spin.

“How many pregnant women have they tested this on to cause toxic results and death”

You must be kidding.

The same amount they tested Mr. Chlorine Bubbles, lighter fluid and paint thinner on.  The same way the Mr. Plumbob is tested…just pour it down their throats maybe.

What a dweeb! Moron!  Imbecile!!!  (I loved Bugs Bunny cartoons)

They must think we’re heathens, not scientists.

But look who we are dealing with…a generation or two now, that have been told pesticides are poison and are all “toxic”.

But you and I know when you look at real data…scientifically proven and approved…the products we use are relatively safe.

If used according to label directions.


We obviously as an industry have done a poor job of education, but we’re in the same boat as farmers who need these tools.

The general population is untrained.

Maybe we need to make it simpler???

You know those little white packets found in electronic equipment, stereos, cameras, and sometimes peanut brittle?  Full of silica gel.  To keep moisture out.  A PESTICIDE!

And what’s it say on the outside of the every little white packet?


I like it.