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European Fire Ants spread in GTA

Brad from Delta Pest in the GTA has been dealing with a few difficult invasions of ants that are very aggressive and spreading in a couple of different suburbs around the city.  In some areas, homeowners can’t even use the backyard, bbq or pool areas due to bites/stings from these nasty critters.

I was lucky that he brought in two specimens from separate neighborhoods so I could look at under the scope.  I’ve never had the chance to look at a European fire and before, but that’s exactly what they are.  Antenna segments, spines and other physical character traits helped confirm the ID.

Brad is using the best option, and really the only one, by treating with Demand CS.  No bait options like Amdro are available, and Demand will provide 2X residual over Dragnet or Prelude.

Brad knew what he was dealing with, but if you have an insect pest you would like ID’d feel free to bring it by.

European fire ants are hard to control, and a few other chemicals in our arsenal would help.  But use some change in habitat tactics like cleaning up deadwood, mulch and other potential colony sites as this can help. Then Demand CS as the treatment option.

Thanks for the ants Brad!