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Robert's Rants
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EVO and RESOLVE. Too good to be true?

I’ve beat this dead horse before, until it turned into horse jerky, but a word from the wise (me!)

Tamper Proof – nothing can get inside   (like my brain)

Tamper Resistant – kinda holds ’em back  (like my diet)

Tamper Evident – red flag goes up once it’s been tampered with (like my hand in the cookie jar)

I really believe that someone (the name doesn’t ring a BELL) did such a good job of fear-mongering and confusing the regulations with marketing that PMP’s truly believe that if you use an Evo Express you have nothing to fear on non-targets getting at the bait.

“But Bobby baby…’s Tier 1!”

But what the hell does that mean???  Entrust our Ottawa government types to write mis-leading legislation.  Tier 1 in Canada applies to Domestic products, BUT they included the language on all Commercial labels.

Through it all though, the onus lies on one person and one person only.

You.  The individual who puts the bait and stations out.  Neither Bell or Lipha will jump in.


Read the top of the station:   Tamper Resistant

Now, add to that a regulation that only allows bromadiolone to be used outdoors, and you have two options:   Contrac Blok or the new and exciting Resolv!  (forget Maki – everyone else has – even the supplier)

BUT….Resolv is so attractive to rodents it might even attract chippies (I’m turning Canadian), squirrels and beavers  (hey government inspectors…this is humor in poor taste remember).

So imagine a highly attractive bait in an indestructible bait station.  Perfect right????

Tamper resistant…

So the simple moral of this story???

You need to think, and think hard, on how and where you use a bait, and what you put it in.

Is there a total squirrel/chippie/beaver tamper free option?     Sure, let the rats have their freedom!