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Robert's Rants
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Fly Light Registration: nothing new

This isn’t the first the PMRA has expressed an interest in registering fly lights, or FILTS or whatever you call them.

They did publish an initial intent, for commentary, way back in 2018.  Which is well and good, but our industry as a whole hasn’t done much to put up a fight.

I think I wrote a rant then, about the yanks to our south being astounded by the news that our government regulates and restricts anything and everything.

Bottom line with this move?  We will lose a lot of products, at one time considered “safer than pesticide” options.

Let’s not discuss 25b registrations for spearmint oil, thyme oil, and garlic oil.  Well, guess they bent on the garlic a little.  Another rant.

My concern is where does it end?  The definition of “kills, controls, repels would then include my pointy toed cowboy boots.  I’m a Kansan remember.