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Robert's Rants
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Just read this and either shake your head, laugh, say WTF or maybe get on the phone to your MP and ask why your tax dollars are going to waste.

June 24th:   the PMRA issues the PRVD2017-03, pretty well eliminating lambda-cyhalothrin uses in all crops, and some of our structural uses.  Primarily residential indoors and turf.

August 23rd:  the PMRA issues a new and improved label for Demand CS, with more insects, more sites, and better language on some of the uses.

Does this seem like a logical move to you?  I can see, well kinda, well – no I can’t understand why this wasn’t done in some sort of coordination between Cubicle A and Cubicle B.

The PMRA Giveth, and the PMRA taketh away.