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Robert's Rants
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Happy New Year: The Year of the Golden Rat!

Happy New Year, and welcome back!   Well, you didn’t go anywhere, I just took a break from bashing people.

If any Industry should prosper in the Year of the Golden Rat, it should be Professional Pest Control.  I don’t know why it’s a Golden Rat Year, so a free jug of Demand to the first reader who can email me back with a logical answer.

I decided to revive Robert’s Rants as there is a lot going on with the Industry, and plenty to rant about.  So we coincided the revival with the launch of the new and improved

So be prepared to be bombarded with typical discourse concerning the PMRA, the PCP Act, your local MOE, treehuggers, the associations, the suppliers, homeowners and even some of the characters calling themselves PCO’s.

But it’s a new year, hopefully a milder winter ahead, and plenty of those big golden rats to go around!