Robert's Rants
Robert's Rants
A personal blog on the Canadian pesticide industry and other pet peeves and interests

Have you ever noticed….who’s behind the “tree” in “tree hugger”

I’m must be an “anti-environmentalist”.   I run around saying poison the planet…the environment is too good….

There are people who would have you believe…if you are in the Professional Pest “Management” Industry…that you are purposely destroying the World.  That is your purpose in life.

But did you ever notice that the people that spout off the most…celebrities, leading scientists, “experts”, anchormen (I can’t say anchorperson…), politicians….

(ad nauseam…)

All have one thing in common??????


And more money….

The “Haves” in the world.

They can afford the “organic” salad while sipping martini’s at their pool.  And their maids keep the house free of spider webs, and their gardeners keep ants out of the house…

I would be curious to see what the average income and socio-economic status is for the Sierra Club, PETA or a few other green organization.

Easy to be totally “green” if you control all the “green”

Just an observation.