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Robert's Rants
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Here a tech, there a tech….wait where the heck are all the techs?

Good question eh? 

The best solution so far? Steal ’em. Thats right, simply poach from a competitor. Have a little chat with a big 3 company technician…you know, Abell/Orkin/Steritech as you run into one picking up product at Gardex. I see it daily. Or put your business card under the wiper every time you see one stopped doing service.

Trolling at conventions and conferences was always fruitful, until Covid.

They are already trained and licensed, and most will tell you they are underpaid, overworked and smarter than their bosses!

Hell 10% will start their own Company in 2 years!

The Structural Pest Control market, our little Industry, is growing. A simple search of Stats Canada, from the 2016 and 2023 census shows private dwellings in Canada have grown from 14 million in 2016 up to 16.2 million in 2021.

2 million new homes, of which a certain % receive the services of a licensed professional.

What % you may ask?

I have a pretty damn good idea, but that’s my little secret, called market intelligence!

But, In rough terms I’m going with a SWAG and projecting this growth would take about 50 new techs every year to cover the growth. Not a lot really, but 250 new bodies out spraying pesticides and placing bait or mouse traps.

And the talent pool? Indeed Recruitment? Monster Jobs? Classifieds? Word of mouth? Relative?

To be honest more of the latter, to be honest.

Where’s the Associations on this one key issue? 

The least they can do is start holding meetings again, since they ain’t doing much else.

Oh, and SWAG? 

Scientific Wild Ass Guess. Works every time.