Robert's Rants
Robert's Rants
A personal blog on the Canadian pesticide industry and other pet peeves and interests

Here we go, and yes your on the list

My top ten targets and fodder for ranting about illogical, inane and insane things people or collective people called “associations”, Industry, guberment, whether municipal, provincial or federal, and suppliers do;

and anything else I feel like!

A$Sociations: value add or money grab.  Read it here first.

I could type each of these out but you all know these!   NPMA, CPMA, PMRA, SPMAO (just for fun ) and the newly formed SEAPMRA. Popping up here. Watch those search engines as my one reader is gonna click like hell.

Transport Canada, MOE, fire departments and street cleaners.

The INDUSTRY !  Hahahaha.

you gotta remember the boundaries.  There are chiefly great things coming out of the whole list, associations, government (okay not so many) and Industry.

Covid has hurt us as a collective, but in most cases the revenue stream has increased, and in big steps.

REVENUE like income, outgo, no go.  Did you know less th@n 25% of residences use PCO services?

Science Science Science