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Hijacking the SPMAO meeting. How tacky can you get

Attended the first day of the SPMAO annual convention in Toronto, and to tell you the truth they need to figure out a way to push attendance.  Especially since there are so many companies in Ontario that could use training, but that’s really not the true story here.   I will address the lack of CEU’s and proper training, or lack thereof, in Ontario in another rant.

But anyway…

The Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario has a similar meeting to the other Provinces, just turn out could be better, and has been steadily declining.

But in some supplier and distributor’s (I won’t name names) pointy little brains it was a good opportunity to hijack the attendees and have them come to a private meeting at the same time the general session was going on.   And not just once, but twice on day one and twice on day two.

How desperate can you get, to hold your own meeting to demo a new product during the Association meeting.  Their side meeting was on at the same time the speakers that were hired and brought up from the States were talking.  But to less of an audience while attending companies ran off to the “suite” for the big demo.

Neither company had sponsored anything besides having a booth, and for these two companies to pull something like this is really insulting to the Association.  Especially for Bell Labs and Univar, both who profess to support the Industry.  Whoops.

The Association leaders were more than upset, but will they take any action?

So the 2 companies got greedy and decided to do their own thing.  Take advantage of a good situation.  Doesn’t seem very supportive does it?

Personally they should be banned from exhibiting in the future, but will the Association be that bold?  Or are they greedy themselves and not do anything?  They need the money after all.

Really bad form folks.