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Robert's Rants
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I just committed a pesticide, call the cops! Or the MOECC

It’s 3:25 am, another night of not sleeping, and i just devoured a left over hot dog and a homemade chocolate shake.

so you lie awake at night and your mind roams.

And tonite I’m dwelling on all the ”cide” words, which generally regard killing something.

Herbicide, pesticide, homicide, genocide, biocide, even molluscicide of all things.

But why the heck are some are noun thar describe an actual thing, and others a noun that describes the ”act of killing”.

The USEPA defines PESTICIDE as;

Any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling, or mitigating any pest.Mar 8, 2023”

The Google search definition of HOMOCIDE;

“…from Latin homicidium “the act of killing a man,” from homo “man” and -cidium “the act of killing,” from caedere “to kill, cut”Sep 10, 2023”

So I use a gun to commit a homicide. But then do I use a chemical to commit a pesticide?

But then if pesticides kill pests, does that mean I can use a homicide to kill homosapiens? Prelude is a pesticide, is a Smith & Wesson a homicide?

But then we should name guns and knives and arrows all as homicides, and the local Canadian Tired runs an ad as having the greatest selection of homicides available!

Or we start committing the act pesticide with a whole range of products, including chemical substances.

It sounds a lot cooler to say I’m committing a pesticide with this fly swatter as this damn mosquito is keeping me awake!

Who wrote these rules anyhow?

Sleep tight faithful reader, whoever you are!