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Robert's Rants
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If you’re billing at last year’s price…’re gonna go broke

As the jobs really start rolling in, I hope you did a serious breakdown of your costs, and are charging your customers appropriately.

You’re 2 biggest line item expenses have all gone up…


Did anyone cut their technicians wages?   Nah

Drive less or buy gas cheaper?  Nah

I bet your insurance is way down?????   You bet

And the weak loonie isn’t helping.  We’ve faced a minimum of a 10% increase just from the exchange rate, not to mention an additional 5% from the suppliers covering costs.  This effects your business just a bit, maybe 1% increase in product/equipment supplies…but it’s still 1%.

There’s only one way to stay in the game…you have to take the amount you charge your customers up…simple.

Your service fees should go up 5% every year, without even thinking.  Better if you can get 10%.

Plus everyone can work just a little smarter…not harder…but smarter.  Maybe an add-on service?  There’s a bunch out there.  $25.00 to clean the drains?  10 minutes?  $3.00 worth of product?  Mold inspection?  Not eradication…just an inspection…

This isn’t community service, and you’re a trained, licensed, and insured professional.  Make certain you’re paid for it!