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Robert's Rants
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Imagine the loss of Pyrethroids…but it could be real…and devastating to our Industry.

The PMRA has started the re-evaluation of pyrethrin and all classes of pyrethroids. Normal course of the re-evaluation process that all pesticides must go through. Plus have thrown in the Synergists (PBO and MGK 264) for good measure. Of course no one can buy or use these unless already in a product formulation.

But imagine the hit on the Professional Pest Management industry without the use of pyrethroids or pyrethrin….the effect would be devastating.

Imagine the loss (or further restrictions) of;

Drione Dust




Demand CS

Nearly all the aerosols….

What would you use for bed bugs? Spiders? Any perimeter control? Wasps, bees, hornets? Adult fleas? Carpenter Ants?

Etc etc etc etc…..

And what class of chemistry would you replace it with? Carbamates and some old OP’s?

Let’s take 3 steps back why don’t we and go to propoxur and malathion as our only tools.

What else is there?

That’s been registered.

Let me rephrase…that’s been registered AND manufactured…

Boric acid based products (as if they will be around), some tired abamectin and hydramethylon baits.

The Suppliers have turned in required information concerning any label gaps in rates, active ingredient applied per area, type of application equipment and required PPE (personal protective equipment).

Plus the PMRA has asked for a summary of how the product(s) are used, the where, when, how much etc.


They are asking the CPMA to complete a user survey, maybe just to double check if the Suppliers are telling them the straight poop? Or to see if there are ways to tighten it up?

Shouldn’t the people who are registering these products have an idea of how they are used?

Or will the data from a user survey really tell the tale of what the best way to use this chemistry?

Seems to me we should rely on the years of research, trials and field data submitted by the Supplier to tell us the best means of using their chemicals for OPTIMUM results.

Before the PMRA takes a red pen to the labels, we have to hope and pray they review the market and what else is out there to control these pests.

Not much else in my warehouse…

Glue boards.