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Insect Control 101. Can Logic Prevail? Before I retire?

As usual I have to preface this Rant that I am not advocating anything relating to using a chemical out side of the rules and regulations set forth by the government.

When we are forced to put Pictograms on labels for the reading challenged, will it turn out to be 345 pages so we can include a pic of each species? Or can we take a step back as to the process and lack of logic.

But, in an attempt to bring some LOGIC to the process, I am going to pose a simple question:

For Structural Pest Control uses, and insect (Insecta and some Arthropoda) pests treated in North America, which species would NOT be reasonably controlled by the following actives:

  • Pyrethrin
  • Permethrin
  • Deltamethrin
  • Cyfluthrin
  • Lambda-cyhalothrin
  • Beta-cyfluthirn
  • Imidicloprid

Formulation not withstanding, nor application method (i.e. termite applications).  And assuming treatment is done at a susceptible life stage.

I sincerely think if we put together the list of Insect Pests NOT controlled by these active ingredients, we could list them on all the labels INSTEAD of what is controlled.

Think of a PMRA label that says, “for use on Insect Pests commonly found in and around homes and structures in Canada.   Except For….”

It still galls me (that’s a weird word when the only gall I know is a swelling on plant formed by an insect) that we have to be so anal about listing each and every species of insect.

So, what we are going to do is to send this out to the experts at Bayer, FMC, Syngenta, University entomologists, any one who will listen, and create the list of insects these products will not control.

BUT – I won’t publish the list.  It can be sent to PMRA and CPMA and NPMA as they work diligently to make life easier AND to enact legislation that makes more sense to our Industry.

Then we can whittle down the application sites and BOOM!  The PMP can manage their business, and stay legal and stay safe.

Hope that’s not a problem.