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Is there hope for mankind?

Well right now it’s around 2:00 on a Friday, working through my nap to keep my New Year friggin resolution.


The way I normally like to drive to work requires a cut-left a block before the light, casual drive through a neighborhood, right/left back onto the main road without the hassle at the light that you sit through.   You get it right?

So yesterday on the peaceful neighborhood route I glanced over the other side of the street and here’s an old fellow on the ground, and a young man standing there looking perplexed holding an older golden retriever.  Gray muzzle.

I actually drove half a block past and then thought…hell, I better look…turned around and went back.

At  that time another young woman had stopped.  Lexus Crossover, car-seats and crying kids.

Poor fellow had taken a spill, said he simply went over.  No ice anywhere.  Just fell face first like I used to do sometimes back in my twenties.

Coherent and somewhat talkative.

But man was he bleeding.  His forehead was ripped pretty good, and face was covered.  Coat was covered.  So I make a quick decision, “we need help” and then try to stop the bleeding.

Definitely a 911 call (young woman dialed them up).

The old guy’s house was half a block away…Barrie is the name…so the kid (who was English challenged) took the dog home and to get Barrie’s beloved.

Ambulance showed up in 15 minutes tops?   About the same time as the missus.

“Barrie what the hell did you do now”  But lovingly you know.  Like old people that had become one,

So leaving it to the EMT’s, I head to the office a half hour later, bit shaken.

And having some thoughts that maybe mankind still has some potential.  One little helpful hand at a time.  Joining together in small groups to help a single soul.

There is hope, Mankind will survive, “Auntie Em…Auntie Em”

Fridays dawns.

So I got to thinking this morning, “maybe I should just stop for ten seconds on the way and see how old Barrie is doing?”   (I think out loud nowadays)  He really cracked his head, I hope nothing serious?

I could just go up and knock on their door, ask how he was.  15 seconds.

And I pictured Barrie opening up the door and sayin’ to me;

“What the hell do you want…some money for helping an old man when he’s down?  Get the “f ” off my porch.  Now I gotta pay $1200 for an ambulance”.

So I decided not to.