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Robert's Rants
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It’s that time! Read the Label! I dare ya’…

To try to interpret the damn things.

I know I’m getting old and dumb(er) but I swear the Direction for Use labels for new products, and those recently reviewed, makes it harder to actually use the product.

In a recent poll, nearly 75% of the PCO’s residing in the US read the label, compared to 67% in Canada.

Now that got your attention, huh? But since I just pulled that out of my arse, don’t quote me. 😊 But I bet I’m not too far off. Which is really shameful.

The purpose of the DFU is the same as all efforts in dealing with pesticides: best use with regard to safety to people (including children, seniors and morons) and the environment. The label should be precise, clear and easy to read i.e. format and content. Maybe even have some standardization across the products.

A label should also target the correct audience. Lets start there.

The user in this case is a licensed professional (when defining the Structural Pest Control industry). As such they have already passed a test on pesticide basics. If the test is too damn easy, or there isn’t follow up training/CEU’s in a province, then shame on them. Apprenticeship will be ranted about in chapter 6.

If they don’t know a product or insect pest, or how to use, then that PCO shouldn’t be licensed.

I thought that’s why you hire a professional, because they know what they’re doing.

Here’s a quick example (because its 2:38 a.m. and I can finally sleep)

The following statement is repeated 14 times on the Dragnet label, this all from page 14, of 23:

Toxic to bees. Do not apply during the crop blooming period.

Now don’t get me wrong, great statement to have, but 14 frigging times?

C’mon people (including children)