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Robert's Rants
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Knowledge brings Profit


Knowledge that is.   And with Knowledge comes Professionalism, and when tied together the smart PMP will be able to effect bottom line profits in a positive.

But in my honest opinion:

No,  we don’t have the knowledge throughout the Industry to go from being just good at pest control, to being great at pest management.

We have let the required technical abilities and knowledge requirements slip.  Shame on us.

To be a PMP doesn’t take a hell of a lot really.  Study for the open book test, pass by 70 – 75% depending on the province, get your Operators License, some Insurance and boom bang Bob’s your Uncle!

BUT…(you knew that was coming)…in order to be a Great PMP you have to have Knowledge.   Sure you have some knowledge just in order to pass the test, but seriously, the way some exams are written it isn’t overly difficult.   A little knowledge on Rules and Regs, chemicals, safety, pesticide storage and handling, and how to read a label.  WHMIS.   PPE.

But that’s tip of the ice berg stuff.  You should know that before you even take the exam, not be tested on basics.

The real knowledge comes from a lot of book learning, and a lot of hands on experience.  Insect biology, identification, alternate methods of control.   What’s the difference between classes of chemisty?  Why use one not the other?   What’s the first thing you check when you have silverfish?  Everyone should know that!  Top of head stuff!

Is there really a need to understand species related nuances?  Who cares if it’s a carpenter or a pavement ant with one node or two.

But the difference is that the professional that has the knowledge on how to perform pest control (it’s an art) properly will have a much greater chance of being able to extract more revenue from the customer base.

People love to be taken care of by smarter people.

Would you go to an ignorant doctor???

And if you have that knowledge and put it to good use when treating your accounts, it will come across to your customer that;

“This guy really knows what he’s doing”.   Tht’s almost like money in the bank.

Unfortunately, I think as an Industry we have lost some of the technical ability, training and education that separate us from a home owner with a can of Raid.

That’s my opinion.  Until told otherwise…

So how do we fix it?

An Apprenticeship Program might help, along with required continuing education throughout Canada, and a uniform licensing program across the country.

Another major issue easily solved with a swipe of the pen.