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Mighty Mites!!!

Here I come to save the day!

Mighty Mouse is on the way!

Remember Mighty Mouse?  You might if you were born in the 40’s or 50’s.  That was one cool comic character, would kick the butt of those Paw Patrol wimps I tell you.

Any…kinda digressed.

Back to mites.

Rat mites, bat mites, bird mites, dust mites, fowl mites, spider mites, clover mites.  It goes on and on.

I get several calls every year, where a certain mite has been identified and tied back to an initial problem.   Birds, rats and bats are more common.

And what is your best bet when a bird builds a nest in the eaves, fledglings leave, and the mites lose their host.    Then they’re looking for warm bodies.  (Remember though only some are parasitic to humans).

And your looking for options.

But for a chemical control.  Nothing.  There isn’t a product that I can find labelled for mites indoors. That’s probably a good idea though, as the mites will likely be in places people would come in direct and frequent contact with.

So you have to rely on the mites behavior and physical traits.  Soft bodied, crawler, won’t move too far too fast (unless spread by a host).  Think bed bugs on a small scale.

First you need to remove the nest or original habitat.


Steam:   great option

Dehumidifier:  also good

Vacuum:   helps

Wash everything you can clothes wise.  Blankets, pillow cases, fluff the pillows in the dryer.  Dog beds even.

Scabies Mites:   run

That’s my take on mites.  If anyone knows of any other way give me a ring!

But here’s really the question:  would a miticide for indoor use be beneficial, or if a current product could add mites to the label, is there really a need?

Doubtful.   Stay with the vacuum.