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My thoughts on Pest Trends, Global Warming and Donald Trump…

For those in the Pest Industry, was this a banner year for any-one?  The customers I have chatted with are all busy, happy with the last 6 weeks, but not overwhelmed by any means.

No major ant swarms, spotty at most, but no big 2 – 3 week “excitement” in May with a secondary swarm this summer.  Termites were frozen to death.  Wasps and bees…need lotsa heat and it’s coming later and lasting for 3 – 4 weeks.

And look at bed bug pressure.  An indoor pest, but highly subject to warmer weather increasing populations.  They haven’t been as troublesome.

Good year overall, but is the new “norm” just good?

Maybe it’s me and getting older, but the weather patterns are shifting, and playing a major factor in the insect pest populations we are dealing with.

They’re becoming more unpredictable really.

Record colds this winter, down to  – 40C (yes that’s a minus…I can’t convert to Fahrenheit, but it was friggin’ cold).

Record highs in the West this summer.  Drought and forest fires.

No rain (or too much rain)

First real sign of Summer?  About the first of August.

When did the Seasons decide to shift gears and time frames?

When I was a kid I was taught 4 seasons, about 3 months each, with corresponding weather patterns.

Remember “April showers…”   Now April ice storms.

Or “knee high corn by the 4th of July”?  If you got the crop in the wet ground.

“Dog days of Summer”?  One dog, two days.

“Winter’s icy grip”      That’s the only truism in the bunch.

After 30 some years of dealing with insect pests, whether in Ag or Professional Pest, the change in the climate is real and evident in the insects we deal with.  I could probably look at hundreds of scientific measurements to confirm, but climatic change is in effect more than we realize, and is impacting pest pressures.

I’m not a scientist…well maybe a little….just an old man getting older who hates the cold weather.

But you can sense the shift…ever so slight…and the shift is real.

What can I say about Mr. Trump? Although he is providing unsettling food for thought in an otherwise unsettled world.  Kinda like eating 2 chimichangas and a dozen hot poppers on top of three burrito supremes.   Mr. Donald hates Mexican….but he will belch up some tidbit that puts everyone back on their butt.

Something to look forward to…especially when we’re stuck with Harper and Trudeau…and who’s that other guy????

Maybe some global shake up, led by an unpredictable US leader, will be a good wake up call and is needed to bring some sanity and level-headedness back to the world.  Read the paper or watch the news… the world is getting crazier by the minute.

Someone has got to unite the “average man” and tell the fringes of the world…the far right and farther left…that it’s time to get real.

And if it takes blowing up a couple of countries Donald’s the man.

No BS…just push the button and C’ya!

But really, who’s political campaign is more exciting, the Canadians or the Americans?  C’mon, give the Americans the prize for entertainment factor.

Still not a lot of bugs…