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Robert's Rants
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Name Our Industry Contest! It needs more IMPACT!

A fellow traveler on the plane the other day asked what I did for a living, and I had to say I’m sell products for pest control to professional pest control companies.  Including pesticides.

Surprisingly they didn’t begin throwing their cold hard Air Canada buns at me, accuse me of destroying the planet, or causing their future generations to grow three heads and a tail.

Like anything…the average person understands that pesticides have a benefit to society, and can accept our role as a valued contributor to society.  The average person on the street buys billions of dollars of Raid and Off every year.

I could say “I protect your food, shelter and health, your standard of living, your quality of life”. That would really make an impact.

That would be so much better…and very very true…but put that in a name…

The PMP Industry, that’s us.  The softened term the NPMA launched years ago, instead of Pest Control Company, or Pest Control Operator (answering the phone for the local termite colony?).   But really, what’s wrong with Pest Control?

Pest Management Professional.  Sounds nice, real technical, “management” and “professional” in the same name even!  Not much impact though.

We need more IMPACT….something cool, sexy, hot, catchy.  Zing!

When I call you up as the cockroaches are running over my pizza I don’t want you to “manage” the situation…I want those ###@@### stopped!

We also all know that Management doesn’t do anything….and I want control…action…flame throwers!

(Oops…guess I’m in management though).

And “Professional”?  That just means you charge more!  But can you be Unprofessional Pest Control?

So since PCO wasn’t really well liked by those in the know, and PMP is too soft and doesn’t convey what we do, I’m starting a contest for the best new name for our profession and industry.

We need something snappy, something kids and the new generation of tweeters and texters and otherwise lazy individuals can relate to.

And you get extra points for having the acronym spell something groovy.  (SPMOA rolls right off your tongue)

So send me an email to put forth your suggestions…serious or not.

Here’s the contest rules:

Gardex Customers only, as many entries as you like!  You should know my email address by now.  If not send me an email and I’ll let you know…

I pick the winner.

I pick the prize!  But I’m leaning toward a case of the new IMPACT roach bait!