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Robert's Rants
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Not quite as “Proud to Be American”

I need to quit watching CNN.

For those of you who don’t know (meaning you don’t know me or visited on the phone) I happen to be an American citizen.  Which is weird, as it could be North American, South American, Latin…

Sorry, you realize American citizen means an outcast from the United States of America.  Or Un-United States.

I’m trying to figure out my emotions with the recent events happening all over the US, but they really run the gamut.  Ashamed?  Mad?  No, the term is really pissed-off.  Disappointed? In disbelief?

I’m really surprised that there are that many ignorant Americans still running the country, and still running around the country.  All in new Chevy truck with gun racks.  Okay, maybe not, but close.

The common everyday Joe, just like you and I, are buying off on a rhetoric only aimed at taking money from them, re-instilling a racial divide and lengthening the legs of the K economy. And the everyday Joettes are even more vocal once they buy into this cult.

How desperate or ignorant do you have to be to fall for this lie?  Where the hell did you leave your brain?  Guess emotions rule over logic, and easier to play.

Then to take up arms in against your fellow American.  Really?  This is the shock and disbelief factor.  Never in my day did I imagine…

But mainly mad.  Us Democrats are kind of a laid back people, until you get us mad, like screwing with the Capitol, threatening elected officials, and throwing the damn Confederate flag in our face.

Then as the ultimate result of our madness, we flex all our couch potato superman muscles and vote.

And don’t mess with our elections, our right to vote, our voice.  The current baddies are, and it will cost them dearly.

It ain’t over yet.

I am proud to be an American, but not proud of my fellow Americans who have it so good they can’t bear to wear a mask or stay home for a month.  And fall for the lies of people who in truth don’t care one cent about them.

It never changes, jut this time it was one of the better con men around.