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Robert's Rants
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NPMA 2014 Annual Meeting….”not available in Canada”

I haven’t written in a while…just not much happening….

But I did just back from the 2014 NPMA (National Pest Management Association) held down in Mickey Mouse land in Florida.

Well attended from what I could tell, but with the location half were there on business and half on vacation.

Spent 3 days tromping the trade show and exhibit halls.

MAN….they have some good stuff in the States!!!  All sorts of new and improved chemicals (and some even safer), new application equipment, new formulations.  You should see the fancy termite injector…computerized even…from BASF.  Puts out the exact dosage of chemical in the exact spot you want it.

Sounds like it’s safer!!!????

Or how about the 20 products promoted under EPA FIFRA section 25(b).  Spearmint and thyme oil???

That must be some bad stuff if we can’t get them in Canada without spending $250,000!

But alas….there’s a bunch of good things we will never see in Canada.

BASF, Syngenta, FMC, Bayer, Bell…

You name it, they all had new products or formulations!


Even the Contrac block that makes rat sh*t glow in the dark won’t be here!   Now I’m really miffed!

Our market is relatively small, versus our costs to bring a product to market.

But why is this?????  Does the Canadian government do a better job of protecting it’s citizens than the US???    So if they require whole new data packages, does that mean the data submitted in the US was bad data, or not up to the Canadian standard?

Our do they need to use up tax money, that could be used in a million better ways, to do the exact same thing that been done in the U.S.????

I am going to write President Obama and tell him that the EPA must be doing a terrible job…

Maybe Harper should even call him out on this.

The US is not protecting the American citizens as well as the Canadians.

They need to ban more products!

But at least give us the glow in the dark rat sh*t!