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Robert's Rants
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Of course I got vaccinated…with the “preferred” product

No it wasn’t Jack Daniels, Molson or Swiss Chalet sauce.

just the plain old Pfizer mRNA, not the mutating melon-sized clot causing other crap.

But Justin said, and we believed, that all vaccines are great.  Just roll up your sleeve and shut up. And so did the NACI, this unknown entity managing our measles programs.  Pediatric pandemic potentates.

Except now, there’s a “preferred” vaccine, but if you can’t get it take the what?  Un-preferred?

Wait, what?

Every week a change in stories (read “lies) to appease no one.

Like my metronome on the keyboards, back and forth, TikTok.

Wonder where our faith in government went?   Or are you happy to see Canada no better off than other third world countries?

Our faith in elected officials went right out the window.

12 months of doing what we’re told, while our officials, all of them, failed the country miserably.

some things never change, unless the sheep get mad about bad medicine.

Bad science.