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Okay…enough fooling around…here’s the law (and the real list!)

Before I put you to sleep with the PMRA ruling (ahem)…my list of bait stations Gardex carries that meet all the criteria for using a Commercial indoors or outdoors:

JUST ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ONE! (provided you sticker the outside with the product info)

Nearly all bait stations from Bell Labs, B&G and Lipha are designed to meet the criteria below….keep reading why.  Locked/keyed, moulded plastic, weather resistant, tamper proof, rodded for bait securement, blah blah blah blah blah…..

3.3 Bait Stations Sold Without Bait

Bait stations that are sold without bait are considered to be application equipment. Therefore, they are not pest control products and not regulated directly by the Pest Control Products Act.

However, commercial class rodenticide products registered in Canada must be used in bait stations in certain situations. In such cases, the users of rodenticide baits are responsible for obtaining or constructing bait stations that are appropriate for the use situation (for example, resistant to weather and/or to tampering by children and dogs) and consistent with label requirements. Appendix V lists the required label amendments for commercial class products.

NO where in the Re-evaluation measures does it state ANY station used with a commercial bait needs to be tested, certified or labelled as such.

But here’s the entire list in order for your bait station…even if you make your own….to be compliant in ALL situations:

(1) be constructed of high-strength
material (e.g., metal or injection moulded plastic) and resistant to
destruction by children; (2) have an entrance designed so that
children cannot reach the bait; (3) have an internal structure that
prevents bait from being shaken loose; (4) have an access panel
that fastens securely and locks (e.g., metal screw or padlock); and
(5) bear the product name, active ingredient, guarantee,
registration number, “WARNING POISON”, and the skull and
crossbones symbol.

(1) resistant to destruction by non-target
animals; and (2) have an entrance designed so that non-target
animals cannot reach the bait.

(1) be resistant to destruction or weakening
by elements of typical non-catastrophic weather (such as, snow,
rain, extremes of temperature and humidity, direct sunshine, etc.).