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Okay okay….back to Pest Management: The #1 Rule!

And why the regulators don’t get this….(last half of my title).

I like the word regulators.  Makes it sound like you’re back in the days of prohibition…revenuers and regulators.  Fits.


The number one, numero uno, # 1 rule of Pest Management?????


IPM starts with exclusion.  A pest, or invasive species, isn’t a pest until it has actually invaded someone’s space or property, water or food source, and reduces the quality of life overall.

Isn’t that too simple?

BUT (did you sense that coming?) we seem to be forgetting that fact when we look at labeling that continues to be approved by PMRA.

First case in point was the ruling on rodenticides and restricting the only registered and allowable out door registration to bromadiolone.   One active ingredient out of the 5 -6 registered.

And what happens when you feed one active ingredient continually to a population, where 5% may survive from a lethal dose?   And a population that can drop new pups like Putin drops f-bombs on the Ukraine?

Like the French in WWII.


I’ve been reading through the re-evaluation again, and still don’t believe they had enough data to restrict the use of ALL the other actives outdoors.

Case in point #2.  A new Bayer product.  And I’m not picking on Bayer, because they have been getting the short stick on all their labels lately.

Think of the lowly house fly, just the one that isn’t inside your customers restaurant.   But he’s hoping to get inside your customers restaurant.  He’s not across town getting his nails done (that’s weird) or hanging at the track with boyz (yeah I’m ghetto cool).

He’s hanging right outside that restaurant waiting for that door to open.

14 seconds to make the egress from garbage to filet mignon.

The fly is probably sitting on the door frame…outside…

So logic…what a word…logic would dictate you would want to use the new Fly Spot…where?   C’mon people.  Think.


Here’s a new bait/pesticide combo that probably works great, with an indoor registration only.  Unless you count dumpsters, which may help.

A simple application of an attractant with a rapid contact used outside, like around the door frame where The Fly (Jeff Goldblum version) is sitting waiting, would seem to be the logical choice.

But there’s that word again.

One question though:  Does it make sense to use more pesticides indoors than out?

Give me exclusion any day.