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Percy’s Prognostications – My Outlook for 2016: the Year of the Ant

Okay, I think the title says everything.

But when I gaze in my crystal ball…plus look at the last 10 years historical data, weather patterns, degree days, average CO2 levels, frost lines and days of sun….

Okay I made some of that up….

I predict a heavier than “normal” ant year.


But think about it.  Extreme cold temps last year and the year before were major influences on ant colony size, which effects colony budding and or fragmentation.  Add in colder than normal summers and more than normal rainfall most ant species (besides Pharaoh) were hard hit.

Swarms were smaller and less frequent, or non-existent.

But with the milder winter?  I’m betting on the ants.  And for a major rebound.

Here we are in Ontario at the end of January with temps averaging at or above freezing.  Temps were warm enough yesterday to start movement in over-wintering lady bugs and squash bugs.

Frost lines are high, so carpenter ant colonies are having a higher survival rate.


Look for a better market year for ants!  This could be leading up to one of the better ant years we’ve had in the past 5 – 7 years.  Good if you’re in the pest control business…bad if you’re a homeowner.

And…I predict you’re going to see more of the early foraging and “false” swarms starting in late February and March as ants with an established colony are getting hungry folks.

Luckily when it comes to products we have been blessed in getting great products through and into the market.  The ant baits registered are still highly effective, reliable and economical.

Unlike the luck we’ve had on a real go-to roach product.