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Pest Control 101 A quick lesson for those regulating the Industry

I’m going to skip with the lesson and go straight to the quiz.

Multiple choice, so even our friends in Ottawa (sorry I forgot I don’t have friends there) can pass it.

And only 2 questions!

Question 1.)

You have been asked to do a preventative treatment of a home backing on to the Rouge River.   Last year they had a terrible time with carpenter ants, mosquitoes (unknown species), ticks (unknown species), ladybugs, and something black and red.

You decide to use which product?

A. Demand – pyrethroid

B. Prelude  pyrethroid

C. Temprid  pyrethroid

D. Dragnet pyrethroid

E. Baygon  carbamate

F. Malathion    OP

ANSWER:    There is NO correct answer.

DEDUCT    10 point for every product you circled.

ADD 200 points if you know what an OP is!

Question 2.)

Which of the following is more typical of your average calls made throughout the day:   (tick the correct pictures)

See the source imageImage result for model homeLiving Room

See the source imageSee the source image



Everyone knows that Canadians are well kept, clean and happy lot.  What else do you do for 5 months out of the year but sit in the house and clean?

You better have ticked the right side!!!

More questions once I come back from the liquor store!