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Robert's Rants
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PMP or PCO? How ’bout PCC.

Since this is my little rant on the world, guess I’m the ultimate judge, but here’s the point:

Your customer has bed bugs or roaches or whatever the hell is bugging his wife, has exhausted all means of DIY cure-alls from the box store, and is tired of getting bit or stung or nagged at.

Hi wife yells “for godsakes Henry, call an exterminator!”    That’s if they are over 80.

A younger wife might yell “honey, let’s give up and and call a pest control company.  I’ll pay.”

Never in my 40 years have I heard “who’s a good Pest Management Professional?” from a homeowner.


So where does PMP come from except an internal industry move to make us all sound better educated and trained than we really are?  Exactly, something to make us feel…Professional?

So eliminate PMP, and the best answer is PCC -the name your customer uses.


I’m gonna acquiesce (always wanted to use that) and go with PCO.

At least it’s close, and has been in use for 60 years.

Pest Control Operator.

Besides, who pays the bills?  Customers can call you whatever they want, as long as they call!